A Compilation of Publications Synthesizing and Assessing the Extent and Limitations of Woodrow Wilson’s Ideas about Democratic Governance and Administration

These are all sole authored unless otherwise indicated. The DOIs do not necessarily link to the articles. I am happy to provide copies of any of these articles and book chapters. I can send you a copy of the book, however. It is now cheaper than a paperback on several onlne bookseller sites.

Brian J. Cook (brian_j_cook@vt.edu)


At the Crossroads of the Real and the Ideal: Woodrow Wilson’s Theory of Administration. Administrative Theory and Praxis, vol. 17, no. 2 (1995): 15-28. http://www.jstor.com/stable/25611121

Administration as a Civic Institution in the Political Thought of Woodrow Wilson. Journal of Management History, vol. 3, no. 4 (1997): 287-297. DOI: 10.1108/13552529710191126

Making Democracy Safe for the World: Public Administration in the Political Thought of Woodrow Wilson. In Handbook of Organizational Theory and Management: The Philosophical Approach. Thomas D. Lynch and Todd L. Dicker, eds. New York: Marcel-Dekker, 1997, pp. 205-226.

Efficiency, Responsibility, and Law: Public Administration in the Early Political Rhetoric of Woodrow Wilson. Administrative Theory and Praxis, vol. 20, no. 1 (1998): 43-54. http://www.jstor.org/stable/25611249

Expertise, Discretion, and Definite Law: Public Administration in Woodrow Wilson’s Presidential Campaign Speeches of 1912. Administrative Theory and Praxis, vol. 24, no. 3 (September 2002): 487-506. http://www.jstor.org/stable/25611595

Wilson’s Failure: Roots of Contention About the Meaning of a Science of Politics (with Peter N. Ubertaccio). American Political Science Review, vol. 100, no. 4 (November 2006): 573-578. http://www.jstor.org/stable/27644385

Democracy and Administration: Woodrow Wilson’s Ideas and the Challenges of Public Management. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007. https://jhupbooks.press.jhu.edu/title/democracy-and-administration

Woodrow Wilson’s Ideas about Local Government Reform: A Regime Perspective on the New Push for Citizen Engagement in Public Administration. Administration & Society, vol. 39, no. 2 (April 2007): 294-314. DOI: 10.1177/0095399706298056

The Organ of Experience: A Defense of the Primacy of Public Administrators in the Design and Reform of Policy and Law. Administration & Society, vol. 42, no. 3 (May 2010): 263-286. DOI: 10.1177/0095399710365483

Wilsonian Governance at Home and Abroad: A Comparative Analysis. White House Studies, vol. 10, No. 4 (2010): 325-341.

Wilson, Woodrow. In Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy, Third Edition. Melvin J. Dubnick and Domomic Bearfield, eds. New York: Taylor & Francis, 2015.

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