Old and New: Government Transparency

Increasing the transparency of the functions and processes of government is now a mainstay of both the public policy agenda and administrative practices in liberal democracies. The April 2018 issue features five articles touching on this subject. The first two offer conceptual frameworks for understanding the use of freedom of information laws and assessing political … More Old and New: Government Transparency

Old and New: Privatization and the Accountability Challenge

It is hardly news that the use of various forms of privatization and contracting out in public service delivery poses accountability challenges. The lead article in this month’s issue explores that problem through an analysis of the hybrid accountability mechanisms that developed when three nations contracted out their employment services. As Bastian Jantz, Tanja Klenk, … More Old and New: Privatization and the Accountability Challenge

A&S Volume 50

The January 2018 issue inaugurates volume 50 of Administration & Society. The publication began its life in May 1969 as the Journal of Comparative Administration, co-edited by Peter Savage and Charles Levine. Across the remaining issues of the 50th anniversary year of A&S, I will be sharing with readers glimpses of the past development of … More A&S Volume 50