Old and New: Government Transparency

Increasing the transparency of the functions and processes of government is now a mainstay of both the public policy agenda and administrative practices in liberal democracies. The April 2018 issue features five articles touching on this subject. The first two offer conceptual frameworks for understanding the use of freedom of information laws and assessing political … More Old and New: Government Transparency

Cui Bono? Private Goals in the Design of Public Organizations

Who benefits (cui bono) from private foundation behavior? As a result of their social significance and public support, vibrant debates have ensued regarding how much of a redistributional ethic private foundations should be expected to maintain, with the vigor of the conversation increasing as private giving continues to grow and as more living donors wish … More Cui Bono? Private Goals in the Design of Public Organizations

What is “Publicness”?

The Publicness discussed here exists when the society as a whole is working hard on behalf of its hungry and unsafe. Such work is not the responsibility of government alone but its private institutions as well. When studied closely, one finds in the United States a remarkably diverse and interpenetrated array of antipoverty activity across the public and private arenas. Its totality is regarded as an aggregate and identifiable yet scarcely recognized realm of pan-society activity named Publicness. Whether its present extent is sufficient is most doubtful. … More What is “Publicness”?